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New Wire Items!

Hanging Bird Cage

A lovely white wire hanging cage, with holder. Made with a unique bird and vine design on its cage, the stand is 5' tall.  
Sits on four feet, so it sits balanced.

Price: $150.00

Butterfly Stand

Made of thick, white wire, this beautiful butterfly stand, would surely bring beauty to your garden. Standing at about four and a half feet tall.
Sits on a long pole that you can stick into the ground.

Price: $24.00

Dragonfly Stand

Just as tall as the butterfly stand, this wire made dragonfly would bring some life to your garden!
Sits on a long pole, that you can stick into the ground.

Price: $24.00

Dog Sign

Have trouble with dogs doing their business where they're not suppose to? Having this sign will surely help them get the picture. Standing at about a foot and a half tall.
Two prongs at the bottom let you stick it into the ground.

Price: $30.00

Two leafed Flower

Painted a mint green color, these wire flowers stand at about five feet tall. Put one of these in your garden and watch the birds have fun, as the flower part spins!
Two prongs at the bottom let you stick it into the ground.

Price: $50.00

Large Dargonfly

This beautifully made black wire dragonfly has a wingspan of about three feet. Large enough to see the lovely wing detail, you can set this in your garden or hang it on a wall, as the feet have tiny holes.

Price: $44.00

Small Fencing

This small white fencing would look adorable with some flowers, or even some shrubs. Standing at about three and a half feet tall and two and a half feet wide.

Price: $70.00

Bird and Vine Trellis

This three piece set of white wire trellises, have a lovely bird and vine design. Each with a bird at the very top.

Price: $150.00

Wire Bike

This white wire bike, looks like a vintage bike. With a swirl design in the weels, basket, and seat, it stands at about four feet tall .
There's a flat bar underneath the front tire, so it stands up straight.

Price: $150.00

Wire Bike

Just the wire bike above, this vintage looking piece has a swirl design in the wheels and basket. With a higher sitting seat and wheel covers, this bike stand at about four feet tall. With a metal stand under the seat so it may stand up straight.

Price: $170.00

Arbor #1

This white wire arbor is made with a french style curled design on the top. With places to put plant holders on the side. Standing at about seven feet tall.

Price: $450.00

Arbor #2

This larger arbor is made of white wire, with benches facing inward. With a let detailed french curl design, this stands at about eight feet tall.

Price: $450.00

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